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Protect Your Rights

Do Not Speak with Police Without A Lawyer!dont-talk-to-cops-2

Why You Should Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent & How To Do It!

Talking to the police CANNOT help you.

If they already have evidence to arrest you for a crime, they will. If they don’t, they can’t. Talking to them can only give them more evidence.

The police do not have authority to make deals or grant leniency. 

Police are investigators. Only a District Attorney or U.S. Attorney can make deals in your favor.

Every word WILL be used against you.

They ask where you’re coming from, you say Tampa, a girl was raped outside of Tampa and now you are the prime suspect.

They don’t assume you’re telling the truth. 

Even if you explain your innocence, they’ll likely assume you’re lying.

If you’re guilty, confessing will only make it worse. 

The state’s case is stronger with a confession, and you may destroy the possibility of a lawyer getting a favorable outcome.

You may be innocent, but still mess up the truth. 

You said were wearing a red polo? Well someone saw you in a blue polo. Now you’re a liar who must be hiding something terrible.

It’s hard to tell the truth exactly the same every time. 

Even if you tell the truth, you may not remember every detail in 6 months, and the slightest difference could hurt your credibility.

The Police are Legally Allowed to Lie to You. This is not a joke.

Ask If You Are Being Detained. If Not, You Are Free To Go. If You Are, Say This:

“Under my fifth and sixth amendment rights, I will not give consent to any search or make a waiver of any legal right. I exercise my right to remain silent, and hereby request to speak with my attorney, Jhenerr Hines.”

In all interactions with Law Enforcement, remember to be polite and courteous, no matter what.

  • Don’t Argue
  • Don’t Raise Your Voice
  • Don’t Talk to People Around You
  • Don’t Assert You Know Your Rights
  • Don’t Make Sudden Movements

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